Get recommendations from friends to find the service professionals you need

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The new social referral network connecting you with the people you know, so you can exchange recommendations when you need someone to get something done.

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Easy To Use

Referyou is all about connection, not complication. Finding that service professional you need will be a whole lot easier, and maybe a little bit of fun.

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For service seekers

Take the guesswork out of finding a service professional by asking for a referral from the people you know. Let's get you all connected, so you can help each other out.

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For Professionals

Would you prefer more quality referrals from your family and friends and the people they know? Almost certainly. Referyou can help make this happen.

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Trust is Everything

A recommendation from a friend is as good as it gets. Recommendations you can trust from people you know is the very best way to find the service professional you need.

BE THE ONE to know someone

In any network of friends, there’s one or two who just seem to know a LOT of people. You know who you are ... you’re a connector. You're the first to help your mates out when they need to find somebody to get something done. This app is for you, because you ARE the one who knows someone.

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Finding a reliable service provider has never been easier. In just a few simple steps we can get you what you need with a little help from your friends.

1. Yell for help

When you need a hairdresser, a plumber, a cleaner, a physio, or whoever, punch the details into your app and we’ll notify your friends that you’re searching for somebody and you’d love a recommendation.

2. Friends to the rescue

When one of your friends comes back to you with a referral, drop them a message via the app to get some more info, or contact the service professional direct and lock in a date. It's never been so easy.

3. Help out a mate

If one of your friends needs a recommendation for a service professional, and you know somebody who’s awesome you, you can easily refer your friend to that service provider from the 'professionals' in your contact list.

4. Collecting your contacts

Over time you'll gather a whole range of professional contacts, so it will be easy to access your contacts and to share these professional profiles with your friends. No more searching through emails and text messages to find that person you used all those years ago.


We've made managing and sharing your professional contacts easier than ever, with the Referyou app.

Grow your network

We've made it simple for you to get your friends and family on board. Your app will work best when you connect with a whole bunch of the people, who you know and trust. Invite your friends and any service professionals you to join you on Referyou, and watch your network grow.

iPhone now, Andriod soon

For now, we've built an app for iPhone, which you can download right here - just click on the 'download app' button. We'll start to build an Android app as soon as we can. We know that neither iPhone or Andriod phones are superior, they are just different, and we want everybody to connect via Referyou.

Become a Pro!

We've made it really easy to create your own professional profile. All your Referyou friends will be able to see your professional profile and recommend you, when somebody they know is in need of the thing that you do. And it's free. Being connected to your friends professionally could be an awesome way to find some new customers.


The app is engaging and it 'feels' kind of social. This is a social referral network after all, so it should be a bit fun, right?


Just click on 'download app' button here on the website, or head over to the App Store and search for 'Referyou.

No, it's free. Free for consumers, and it's free to create a professional profile too. If you are a service professional and you would like us to recommend you to people on the Referyou network, we will be rolling out a subscription plan soon. Please drop us an email if you would like more information and we will be only too happy to let you know about future plans for Referyou, and how they might benefit you and your business.

Download the app and make sure you click 'yes please' when the app prompts you to create a professional profile when you sign on. You can also select the 'Become a pro' option from the menu option if you sign up as a user, but don't create a professional profile immediately.

Anything, anything at all. If you have a skill or profession, no matter how common or specialised, we'd love to have you on board. If you want other people to know what you do, then create your own professional profile and hopefully you can generate some more business, or maybe just some extra cash.

We're hoping to release an Android version of the app late in 2020 or early 2021. Releasing one version (the iOS/Apple version) will allow us to gather more user feedback and then build a better app with more features for Android users.

Be a pro with us!

Send us your info, and when we roll out some awesome opportunities for service professionals a little further down the track, we’ll get in touch.